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Guild Contribution

Post by PEagle on Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:35 pm

We all have various levels but I think there is a minimum:
1 - Donnate to the guild.
We all have different levels but donnation is 90 000 gold a day, mercenaries will give you that kind amount of gold easily now. The more you contribute, the faster we grow and the best rewards you will have!
2 - Participate in events.
Not all events are available to all people, but you must access the one you can. This will not only help the guild but you as well. All events have direct benefits for you (stable escorts give you gold, boss fight as well) and for the guild (runes, growth etc.)
3 - Be active.
I am not asking you to be there every day but please tell the guild Veterans, me or on the forum if you are going to be away for more than a few days (5)
4 - Introduce yourself in the appropriate section of the forum.
That way we will know you better !
5 - Tell us any issue you are facing
We all understand the game is not your priority and if you are having trouble, be it IRL, we'll be happy to help you the way we can. We can also understand that you want to leave the guild, feel free to tell us !


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