Behavioral rules

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Behavioral rules

Post by PEagle on Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:25 pm

These rules may seem basic but I think it is always a good reminder for everybody:
1 - Be polite.
We are just people enjoying the same game, with different points of view, no need to be rude.
2 - No insults.
I can understand people having different points of view but there is no need to insult someone, there will be warnings and I will not hesitate to ban if necessary, both from forum and guild.
3 - No racism.
Against any people, would they be on the forum or not.
4 - No political talk anywhere else than the general discution forum.
This is the main topic to raise conflict, so please be gentlemen and ladies and don't get carried over this kind of topic.
5 - write properly
We are all english speakers but we all come from different horizons, please keep in mind that the way you write is the way we feel about you. And also the way for you to be understood, clear english with few misspellings or grammar will make contact easier.
6 - Don't be a grammar nazi.
As for number 5 there are common mistakes we all do every now and then, don't go nuts at someone who made a misspelling, please let the moderators do their job.


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